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Home furniture Outlet

Discover the Essence of Elegance: Exceptional Furniture Crafted by Renowned Australian Brands, Now at Unbelievable Prices!

Elevate Your Living Space with Luxurious Sofas, Cozy Beds, Heavenly Mattresses, Exquisite Dining Tables, Elegant Chairs, Stylish Units, Functional Drawers, and Inviting Lounges – All Awaiting Your Selection.

Unleash Your Decorating Dreams with Savings of up to 70% Off Retail Prices!

Revitalize Your Home with Sydney’s Premier Furniture Destination, Where Quality Meets Affordability. Don’t Miss Out – Transform Your Space Today!

Our Factory Seconds

Unlock Unbeatable Savings on Brand New Items with Minor Imperfections!

Discover Stunning Luxury Furniture at Unbelievable Prices Due to Small Imperfections Such as Minor Scratches, Slight Bends, or Colour Variations. These Imperfections Equal Big Savings – Often Several Hundred Dollars!

Visit Our Vast Stores in Campbelltown and Penrith and Elevate Your Space with Affordable Luxury Furniture. Don’t Compromise on Quality; Embrace the Savings!



Top Beds and mattresses

Indulge in Luxury Comfort at Unbeatable Prices with Swan, Sleepmaker, KingKoil, Sealy, and Other Top-of-the-Line Brands – All Up to 50% Off!

Upgrade Your Sleep Experience with High-Quality Mattresses at Market-Leading Prices. Say Goodbye to Retail Markup and Say Hello to Your Dream Pillow-Top, Pocket Spring, Extra Comfort, Spinal Care, and Body Relief Bed – All Within Your Reach!


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We at Home Furniture OUTLET are proud to produce high-quality home furniture. We offer a range of exquisite furniture crafted from premium materials sourced from Australia, India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With more than a decade of expertise, we provide a selection of exquisite furniture that fits well with a variety of house designs, from cozy little flats to opulent, large mansions. Each piece is designed to be more than just furniture; it’s meant to become an integral part of your home, bringing joy to everyone who encounters it. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, our Research and Development team at Home Furniture OUTLET is dedicated to enhancing our diverse product line and generating distinctive, original designs that exemplify our pursuit of excellence.

At Home Furniture OUTLET, we consistently put our valued customers’ needs first and strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction. Being a family-run business, we draw inspiration for our products from a combination of years of experience in this industry and a strong sense of passion. Our meticulous production process in our factory results in furniture that is considered top-tier in Australia. Every one of our products at Home Furniture OUTLET is made to turn any area into a cozy haven for relaxation. Beyond making outstanding products, our goal is to give our consumers satisfying experiences. We truly think that developing deep relationships with our clients is equally as important as carrying out commercial operations. As we advance in this field, we’re firmly dedicated to upholding our core principles, fostering strong bonds with our valued customers, and creating products that satisfy every client we work with.

What are you waiting for? Check our premium furniture at Home Furniture OUTLET in Sydney right now and we ensure that we possess products that can stand as the king of all furniture in Sydney.

What We Offer

Here at Home Furniture OUTLET in Sydney, we possess a wide array of home furniture; from all kinds of sofas, bed frames, mattresses, dressers, dining sets, cabinets, benches, outdoor furniture, and even office desks. Here are the various furniture sections you can freely browse that will surely catch your attention and suit whatever preference you possess.

Sofas & Lounges Section

At Home Furniture OUTLET, our Sofas and Lounges Section consists of an array of furniture from two-seater, leather sofas, sofa beds, and many more. Every one of these fine pieces of furniture undergoes our meticulous production process in our factory, ensuring that each piece will reflect our aspiration towards excellence. Here are some of the pieces we possess at Home Furniture OUTLET that will make your seating experience more comfortable than ever.

2-Seater: Starting with the two-seater sofa, it’s our multipurpose and necessary piece of furniture for any living area. Due to its small size, it is ideal for small spaces or private seating configurations in bigger areas. Our two-seater provides comparable amounts of comfort and style yet only occupies a very small area. Its style makes it simple to include in a range of home decor styles, from conventional and classic to modern and minimalist.

Corner Sofas: We also possess corner sofas, also known as sectional sofas, which have changed the way we view seating arrangements. These modern furniture items are designed to be as comfortable and useful as possible. By making use of a room’s sometimes overlooked corners, they maximize available space while offering enough seats.

Leather Sofas: Don’t forget our leather sofas, which are the embodiment of elegance and premium quality in the world of furniture. They have a rich, organic feel that gets better with age because they are made from the delicate hides of animals. The feel of a leather sofa is unmatched, providing a luxurious sensation that elevates any room with its sophisticated touch. Apart from their visual allure, our leather sofas exhibit exceptional resilience against deterioration, rendering them a sensible option for homes with heavy usage.

Modular Sofas: Here are our modular sofas that provide a creative and adaptable approach to contemporary seating. With a modular design that allows for easy reconfiguration to fit any type of space, they provide a degree of flexibility that traditional couches just cannot match. There are countless options due to this versatility, ranging from setting up small spaces for conversations to hosting enormous gatherings.

Bedroom Section

At Home Furniture OUTLET, our Bedroom Section will truly make you think about why you haven’t shopped with us before. Our collection is composed of premium bedroom furniture that will surely make a bedroom more relaxing and elegant. Here at Home Furniture OUTLET, we possess fine pieces of furniture that will make everyone easily transform their sleeping quarters into a haven for relaxation. Here are some of the furniture we possess in our Bedroom Section.

Bed Frames: Our bedframes are the reason behind a cozy and fashionable bedroom. They provide a mattress the necessary support it needs to be raised off the ground and create a cozy, clean sleeping environment. In addition to serving a practical purpose, our bed frames also greatly enhance a bedroom’s overall design. With so many different patterns, materials, and styles to choose from, they can easily blend in with the current décor or act as a main point. There are countless ways to customize a sleeping area with bed frames, ranging from traditional solid timber frames that radiate timeless beauty to contemporary metal designs with clean lines.

Mattresses: With a premium bedframe in our collection, you can expect a comfortable mattress that will surely give you the goodnight sleep you have been waiting for. Our mattress serves as the foundation for a restful and rejuvenating sleep, giving our bodies the support they need to wake up feeling renewed and prepared for the day. There are several types of memory foam and innerspring mattresses to choose from, and each meets a particular set of needs and preferences. While innerspring mattresses give strong support and a classic bounce, memory foam mattresses conform to the body, providing customized support and reducing pain spots.

Dressers: We also possess dressers, which are essential pieces of furniture that provide a bedroom or dressing area with both elegance and functionality. These adaptable storage units provide a dedicated area for the arrangement and storage of clothing, accessories, and personal belongings. Dressers can accommodate a range of storage demands, from bulkier goods like sweaters and linens to delicate jewels, thanks to their numerous drawer layouts and sizes.

Living & Dining Section

To accommodate a wide variety of interests and preferences, our carefully crafted Living and Dining Section at Home Furniture OUTLET offers a selection that matches every dining space. We are committed to offering high-quality pieces that not only improve your eating experience but also give a sense of class to your house, from sophisticated dining tables to cozy seats and matching accessories. Here are some of our products at Home Furniture OUTLET that will certainly turn your dining experience more elegant right in the comfort of your home.

Dining Table: A home’s dining table is the focal point where loved ones gather to enjoy meals, tell stories, and make lasting memories. These essential furniture components are crucial in establishing the aesthetic and mood of a dining area, even beyond their practical use. Our dining tables are available in a broad range of materials, designs, and sizes to suit different room sizes and lifestyles. Not only are they functional pieces of furniture, but they also serve as social hubs that enhance coziness and warmth in any home.

Coffee Tables: We also possess an array of coffee tables, the centerpiece in every living area. They provide a useful surface for placing books, drinks, and decorative objects. Coffee tables add to a living space’s overall design concept in addition to its functional use. With an array of designs, from sleek modern to elaborate vintage, our coffee tables will either fit in well with the current décor or stand out as the main attraction.

Cabinet: With various utensils in the house, nothing will beat a cabinet as a storage unit. These adaptable furniture pieces fit a variety of spaces and aesthetic preferences, from kitchens to living rooms and beyond. They are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. In addition to providing a specific place to store possessions, cabinets are essential for keeping a tidy and clutter-free home.

Outdoor Section

Relaxing right out on the veranda is one of the most relaxing things everyone can do. Sipping a coffee or drinking a few beers whilst nestled in a nice outdoor sofa is surely the best way to go. With our Outdoor Section at Home Furniture OUTLET, your relaxation outdoors will surely be better than ever before. Here are some of the furniture we possess at Home Furniture OUTLET in our Outdoor Section that can truly elevate any outdoor space.

Hanging Chairs: A beautiful blend of coziness and whimsical design, our hanging chairs turn any area into a comfortable haven. They provide a distinctive sitting experience that promotes reflection and relaxation since they are suspended from above. Beyond just being visually appealing, hanging chairs offer a flexible way to sit, which makes them ideal for sunrooms or even as an accent piece in the garden. Their soft swaying motion has a calming effect and provides a peaceful escape from the stress of daily life.

Outdoor Chairs: An essential component of improving the use and comfort of outdoor areas. Our outdoor chairs are made from sturdy materials such as weather-resistant metals, wood, or synthetic textiles and are intended to withstand the elements. Their carefully designed structure guarantees a comfortable sitting experience, be it for chatting with loved ones, dining al fresco, or just relaxing. Our outdoor chairs encourage people to engage with nature and one another by serving as a place to relax as well as adding to the overall ambiance and value of outdoor areas.

Outdoor Sofas and Lounging Sets: When designing comfortable and welcoming outdoor living areas, outdoor sofas are vital pieces of furniture. Outdoor sofas provide a comfortable and inviting sitting choice for resting, entertaining, or just enjoying the outdoors thanks to their ergonomic designs and luxurious cushions. Because of their versatility, they can be positioned in gardens, on patios, or even on decks to serve as a relaxing point for parties or quiet times.

Office Section

At Home Furniture OUTLET we possess a wide array of office furniture that will turn any working space more productive and comfortable. The foundation of any efficient and effective workstation is office furniture. Professionals’ work environments are shaped by several aspects such as seats, workstations, storage units, and ergonomic accessories. Here are some of the few products we possess at Home Furniture OUTLET that will lessen the stress from any workspace.

Office Desk: Office desks are a must in any workspace since they provide organization and productivity. These practical pieces of furniture give people a specific area where they can work, contemplate, and create. Our well-designed desk can enhance ergonomics and foster a productive and comfortable work environment. Our office desks also enhance the visual attractiveness of a workstation in addition to serving a practical purpose by representing the company’s design and culture.

Office Chairs: Office chairs are essential pieces of equipment in any work setting because they provide the comfort and ergonomic support needed to maintain productivity. Our design especially takes into account the human anatomy with great care, including elements that can be adjusted to suit different needs and tastes, such as armrests, seat height, and lumbar support.

Bookcases: In addition to being useful storage solutions, bookcases are important pieces of furniture for homes and offices. Our bookcases serve as a platform for displaying artwork, memorabilia, and personal keepsakes in addition to providing a dedicated area for organizing and displaying books. They are adaptable additions to any living or working environment because of their movable shelves, which allow them to be tailored to hold items of different sizes.

Clearance Section

Quality is always the priority at Home Furniture OUTLET, especially for clearance items. To make sure it lives up to our high standards, every item in our clearance section is put through a thorough inspection process. Customers can purchase discount furniture with confidence because of this dedication to quality, knowing that they are getting pieces that will endure over time. Unmatched potential to add beauty, quality, and affordability to your homes is provided by our clearance furniture. We at Home Furniture OUTLET are proud to provide a wide range of discount items at our shop to suit different tastes and preferences. Customers who choose clearance products not only improve their living areas but also actively contribute to the furniture industry’s sustainability. What are you waiting for? Check our stores now and discover the king of all furniture here at Home Furniture OUTLET.