Shipping Policy

What are the delivery charges and which areas do we serve?
To determine the precise delivery cost for your region, kindly input your postcode in the designated field below. This quoted fee encompasses the delivery of all items, presenting an advantageous proposition for considering multiple purchases in one order.

Important to note:

The provided prices are established on the premise of standard home delivery, excluding any involvement of stairs or elevators, as typically encountered in apartment complexes. Should your delivery pertain to an apartment scenario, please make a note of it in your order. Subsequently, we will reach out to you for further details. For instance, there might be an incremental charge of $20 for cases involving staircases, although these rates can vary.

What’s the anticipated timeframe?

Our utmost goal is to offer our valued customers an exceptional delivery experience.

When the item you’ve ordered is currently in stock, we’ll be reaching out to you within about a day from the time of your purchase to coordinate a suitable delivery schedule. For items readily available, the standard delivery window is remarkably efficient, often taking only 3 to 4 business days from your purchase date.

In cases where the item is not presently in stock, we’ll contact you within a few days of your purchase to provide a projected timeframe for its arrival.

Should any unforeseen delays arise that affect your delivery, a dedicated team member will proactively contact you to keep you well-informed.

Is every delivery handled the same way?

No, the outlined delivery costs are established on the premise of a standard delivery scenario, which assumes unobstructed and level access to a single property.

Your assistance in sharing pertinent details, such as the presence of elevators, stairs, or any other relevant information that could influence the delivery process, is greatly appreciated. This input from you will enable us to ensure a smooth and tailored delivery experience.

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